Spiritual Mentoring

Offered in sessions of 1-1/2 hours - $100.00

Mentoring is an important spiritual tool when you wish to discover and understand your spiritual path, connect with spirit at a higher vibration and find greater happiness in your life. Whether you wish increase your spiritual knowledge or create a new sense of balance in your life and improve your relationships, you will find the mentoring sessions an invaluable experience and bring joy to your heart as you learn the importance of your spirit and how to travel your spiritual journey with the greatest of ease and love.

Each session is created specifically for you and your spiritual needs. Bernadette has been mentoring successfully for over 8 years. She brings to each session an abundance of passion and wisdom with a commitment to spirit that will guide you through this lifetime with purpose and a new sense of understanding and gratitude not only for yourself but for others as well. In many sessions you will also have the opportunity to meet some of Bernadette’s honored spiritual elders and guides as they reach out to you with their wisdom and insight and how they would like to assist you as well.

Spiritual Mentoring


All telephone readings must be paid for prior to the session with either a check, money order or pay pal. Please contact Bernadette for mailing information.

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