One hour $100
45 Minutes $80.00
Half Hour $60.00

These readings provide a “heart to heart” connection that allows you to explore the depth of your soul in any area of your life that you wish to explore. Each reading is specifically designed for you to provide insight about how you can improve the situations in your life. If you wish, you will also receive “spiritual tools” such a tips on meditating, breathing, and how to use crystals for gem water. It is a reading that helps not only your spirit but your body as well. Topics discussed during a reading might include questions about relationships, career, personal development or any aspect that you may wish to help strengthen your spiritual path or personal life. It will help you to gain confidence in making the right decisions in your life. Bernadette often shares guided messages from her guides during the reading. It is her intent to enlighten and guide your spirit with love.



All telephone readings must be paid for prior to the session with either a check, money order or pay pal. Please contact Bernadette for mailing information.

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