Animal Communication - What is It?

The following are the most frequently asked questions about animal communications:

What is animal communication?

Animal communication is the ability to communicate with animals telepathically through an exchange of pictures.

What is an animal communicator?

An individual who has developed their telepathic abilities and other skills allowing them to communicate with animals on all levels.

What kind of animals do you talk to?

The most common animals are dogs, cats and horses. I have also successfully spoken to pot belly pigs, birds, bunny rabbits, turtles and Llamas.

Do animals like to talk to you?

Typically, the animal welcomes the opportunity to express themselves. They like to send pictures to me because this enables them
to share information about their life. As I touch them, I give them a very gentle and loving exchange of energy and this is my way of offering a “hand shake” to them so that we may begin communicating.

How does animal communication work?

It is an “energy exchange” between the person and the animal. Your thoughts are energy and this energy becomes pictures. These pictures travel directly to the animal’s mind and they willingly send these pictures back to  you and you will receive them in the same manner.  It is simply a wonderful process of “connecting with their love”.

Can anyone talk to the animals?

Yes, everyone can communicate with their animals. You just need to  believe that it is possible and most importantly, love them. It is this mutual love that will always connect you to your best furry friend.


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