Animal Communication Readings

One of our greatest passions in our lives is our treasured pets fondly referred to as “furry people”. Our lives revolve around them, always caring for them, loving and welcoming them into our family forever. It is this bond we create that strengthens our love for not only animals but for humanity as well. They help us see the world through a different set of eyes and teach us so many lessons of love and how to be happy and peaceful in our daily lives.

What better way to strengthen, validate and understand our treasured companions but through an animal communication reading. Perhaps you wish to know how they are feeling or if they are happy. There may be a concern about a health or behavioral issue that has arisen and you would like to explore deeper into this matter by receiving an animal communication reading.

Bernadette’s readings are unique in the fact that she connects with the animal energetically and evaluates the animal’s health both emotionally and physically all the while creating a trusted bond between her and the animal. During the reading Bernadette encourages an open communication between the guardians and their most treasured furry person.

For over 20 years Bernadette has been communicating professionally with all types of animals but her journey began at the age of 4 years old when she discovered that animals do have a voice. Her passion and dedication to helping these beautiful creatures only continues to grow as she “spreads the word of fur” through her readings, classes and events.

Her experience throughout the years with both dogs and cats regarding UTI’s, liver or kidney issues, depression, allergies, arthritis or lack of appetite and separation anxiety are of special interest to her and through her readings she may offer a variety of alternative suggestions within the holistic and homeopathic venues in order to assist your pet while working along with your vet to live a happy and healthy life.

Animal Communication Readings

30 minute reading - $55.00 - one or two animals

45 minute reading - $65.00 - one or two animals

60 minute reading - $80.00 - maximum of 3 animals

20 minute email reading - $35.00. This reading is designed specifically for one or two questions only via email.


Rainbow Bridge Reading

Passage Of Our Beloved Family Companions

This reading was created to assist those who have lost their most loved family member and wish to connect with them at the Rainbow Bridge. The Rainbow Bridge is the home for their spirit and during the reading Bernadette will connect with their spirit at their new home and provide insights and messages to explain how they are adjusting to the spirit world. This reading is offered with the deepest of compassion and love. Questions are most welcomed during this reading.

30 minute reading - $45.00 (1 animal only)

Animal communication readings are offered via telephone, skype, email or office. House calls are also available for guardians with 3 or more animals or an animal that does not travel well. There is no extra charge for travel if within a 5 mile radius of Whittier.

Private animal communication classes to learn how to communicate or provide energetic healings for your pets are also available. Please

Reading Type


"Bernadette entered my life when I needed her the most. I unexpectedly inherited a cat named Kitty from a relative who had passed away. I was not looking for a cat, let alone a 15 year old cate with a multitude of health issues from malnutrition, rotting teeth and gum disease to constant dehydration. I wasn’t sure I would be able to keep this poor cat let alone get her well. Through a random “bump in” at the local pet store, Bernadette came into my life as unexpectedly as Kitty did. I never in my life had been exposed to a pet communicator but something inside of me knew I need to talk to Bernadette if I had any hope of getting my sick cat well.

Through Bernadette’s expertise, compassion and love, we were able to get Kitty back on track to live a healthy life. Kitty made it to the ripe old age of 19 ½. I have recommended Bernadette to many of my friends, and just like she has for me, Bernadette has provided guidance, hope and even some funny insights to many furry children."

T.B./Los Angeles, CA


“When we work with our dogs in pet therapy volunteer work, we get to know our dogs and their habits very well. So when our dogs behavior changed for no obvious or medical reason, we turned to our trainer for advice. Without hesitation, he steered us to Bernadette Hileman and her extraordinary work with animals.

We brought both our Golden Retrievers to Bernadette for individual readings. Both dogs immediately relaxed as her gentle and caring hands petted them and talked to them. There were things that Bernadette sensed and shared with use that later turned out to be right on the mark. She also revealed facts about each dog that we had never shared with her.

We were so happy with our initial meeting that we have had follow-up meetings. Bernadette was even able to help us over the phone when one of the dogs exhibited behavior we had never seen before. Bernadette’s compassion and caring for the dogs and for use has brought great peace of mind. She has enabled us to understand some of the intangibles in keeping our dogs healthy and happy.”

“J.A.C./A.K.O”/Orange County, CA

“Bernadette has an amazing spirit with love that can be felt the minute you speak with her or walk into the room. She has an amazing gift and true love for animals. My husband and I don’t have any children yet so of course, our sweet dog is our “baby”. We’ve seen Bernadette on several occasions and she has helped us with some health and behavior concerns we had about our dog that made an amazing difference for him.

She also enlightened us as to what he was “thinking” so we could connect more as a family together. He was a we were never really sure of his past, but Bernadette helped us to help our dog, Parker, adjust and helped him to understand that he now has a forever home. Bernadette always has the wellbeing of her furry clients as a top priority and has always treated  “Parker” with such kindness, as if he were her pet. At the end of every session, that Bernadette has had with us and our dog, we felt so much more at ease and going home.

It has made such a difference in the happiness of our dog’s life and we always know where to go when we have some concerns or just want to “check in”.

Thank you for everything, Bernadette!”

“M.F”/ Los Angeles County

“I have known Bernadette for many years and as an owner of a pet store, I have sent her many customers in need of communicating with their pets for either behavior or medical issues. Once a customer complained that her cat all of a sudden was urinating in inappropriate places and I asked her if anything had changed in her environment and she stated “no, it had not”. So I told her about Bernadette and she received a reading and during that reading she discovered the issue with the cat because she had moved the cat tree from her favorite spot to replace it with a Christmas tree and once she placed the cat tree back in its original spot, the cat became happy again and the urination issues stopped.”

“One of my groomers had two Japanese Chins that were very happy dogs and the groomer decided to purchase beds for her dogs. One of the males received a pink bed and he would not use it. Our groomer asked Bernadette for a reading to try and find out why he would not use the bed. During the reading, she found out the dog did not like the color pink. Bernadette told her to place a blue blanket over the pink bed and once she did that, the dog began to use the bed.”

“D.T.”/County of Los Angeles


Always consult your veterinarian for professional advice and care.  The information provided on this website or during readings is solely for information purposes only, it is not advice.


All telephone readings must be paid for prior to the session with either a check, money order or pay pal. Please contact Bernadette for mailing information.

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