Workshop Photos

Have you ever wondered what an EOE Workshop looks like? Are you curious if we have a good time and learn about spirit as well?

You will find the answers in these pictures from our most recent workshop Essentials of Nature on Saturday, March 23, 2013.

The sky was a brilliant blue and a gentle breeze lovingly greeted us throughout the day. The sun provided warmth and our spirit provided the love.

We shared our workshop with three very special horses. Rascal is the “big horse” and the two mini horses are Bradley and Freddie. We learned so much from the horses and we played while we made crystal grids and did special Spring Equinox meditations.

Each Essence of Energy workshop is different and each one is devoted to our spirits so that we may continue to learn and love at a higher vibration.

If you wish to be a part of these beautiful celebrations of life then please take a look at our schedule of classes this year and I am sure you find a workshop that is calling out to you to come and play!!

After all, we are all Powered by Spirit!

Love in all lifetimes,


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