Uniquely Spirited Healings

Uniquely Spirited Healings

Healings are a gentle way to nourish and replenish the energies within both your body and spirit so that you may live each day with renewed strength, courage and love.

As an intuitive, Reiki Master/Teacher and Universal Healing Touch Practitioner, Bernadette is able to offer a variety of healings in order to allow your spirit and body to experience the maximum benefit of healing.

Each healing is a soft, gentle experience that provides you time to relax, breathe and be at peace. Before each session, you will be given time to discuss any special concerns or requests you may have.

Soothing music and calming sounds of the ocean create a loving experience as you allow yourself to connect with peace during the healing.

Healings offered:

All healings may be given with Reiki and/or Universal Healing Touch Energies

In addition to the above healing you may wish to enhance your healing experience by receiving:

  • Crystal Layout
  • Selenite Swords of Light
  • Essential Oil Therapy

30 minute Healing Session: $50

45 minute Healing Session: $60

Healing Sessions

For additional details regarding the healings, please feel free to contact Bernadette at 562-857-8917 or send her an email at essenceofenergy@hotmail.com

All healings are offered at the Whittier office

If you are interested in receiving a healing at your home and it is within a 5 mile radius of Whittier there will be no travel cost. For services outside this area, please contact Bernadette for additional information.


Long distant healings are offered to both humans and animals. It is a spiritual process which provides different types of healing energies such as Reiki and UHT (Universal Healing Touch).  It is an exchange of energies between two spirits regardless of where you are located. As a Reiki Master Teacher, I have been trained through an attunement process to create this energetic exchange of energies to benefit your spirit.

You may discuss this healing in advance with Bernadette to address any concerns or issues you would like to have addressed during this healing.

The individual or animal will receive the same energies as if they were being accepted in person.

The following is an explanation of the process for a long distant healing:

  • Meditation
  • Creating a healing grid where love, peace and specific intentions are set
  • Pictures of the grid will be taken and sent to the client so they may receive a sense of the energies that are flowing throughout the healing
  • A brief explanation will be provided through an email regarding what Bernadette senses and hears before and after the healing

Cost per 30 minute healing: $40

Long Distance Healing

Payment for the sessions are offered through paypal or credit/debit charge prior to the healing.

For additional information, please contact Bernadette at 562-857-8917 or by email, uniquelyspirited@gmail.com


All telephone readings must be paid for prior to the session with either a check, money order or pay pal. Please contact Bernadette for mailing information.

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