BernadetteBernadette is a Master Six Sensory Practitioner, Spiritual Intuitive and Animal Communicator. Through her business, Essence of Energy, she mentors professionally, teaches classes designed specifically for the growth of your spiritual development including animal communication classes. Spiritual intuitive, mediumship and animal communication readings are also available. • As a Reiki Master and UHT Practitioner she performs healings which are created for your specific needs which could an overall healing for your spirit or more specific needs such as aura cleansing or balancement of spirit. All healings include the use of crystals and selenite healing tools.. Bernadette also offers all types of hypnotherapy services, specializing in past life regression.

Her spiritual journey, like so many others, began as a young girl but was concealed during her youth until adulthood when she realized her visions and empathic abilities could no longer be ignored.  This awakening occurred during a period of time when her father became seriously ill. By helping him through his illness, she connected with her passion once again for healing and realized how important it was for her to help other people believe they can make a difference in this world.

Her spiritual training began over 17 years ago where she worked privately with a tutor from the Southern California Psychic Institute in Anaheim, California. There she continued her formal studies for the next several years. Her commitment to spiritual development grew even stronger as she studied mediumship for one year at the Learning Light Foundation under Suzan Nishi. In May 2006, she became a Certified Hypnotherapist through The Miracle Center of California’s Hypnotherapy Program taught by Robin Duncan.  In February 2008, Bernadette was certified by Sonia Choquette through her Psychic University and Trust Your Vibes Higher Learning Institute as a Level I Six Sensory Practitioner. Continuing her quest of spiritual endeavors, she received the certification of Six Sensory Advanced Practitioner in February 2009 and in February 2010 she finalized her training with Sonia Choquette in receiving her certification as a Master Six Sensory Practitioner. In June 2012, Bernadette received her UHT Practitioner Level I from Deborah Shea and will continue this path of healing with Deborah for the next several years.

Bernadette created her business, Essence of Energy, with a promise to come from the heart and help others discover their higher self.  For over 17 years, her clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient skills have been shared lovingly through her spiritual teachings, mentoring and readings.

In December 2005, an article was published in the Anaheim Bulletin about the importance of animal communication and her role as animal communicator in the community. Bernadette was filmed by KOCE for an edition of Inside OC while communicating with the horses at the Rancho Del Rio Stables.  On August 31, 2008 she was a co-host with author Al Diaz on blogtalkradio.com discussing “Gateway to the Heart”. Throughout the year you will also find Bernadette at the Heart & Soul Healing Arts Center in Pasadena offering advanced psychic development classes and participating in their psychic fairs as an animal communicator and reader. In May 2010, “Equestrian Life Magazine” filmed on location at Rancho Del Rio Stables in Anaheim an interview with Bernadette regarding the importance of animal communication and the impact it has for the owners and their horses. This segment has been broadcasted on selected cable television programs and the Equestrian Life cable channel.

She participates in a variety of animal communication events throughout the year which include groups such as the FastFriends Greyhound Adoption, Grey Save Greyhound Rescue in Pasadena, Wiggle Waggle Walk and the Dog Days of Summer. You will also find Bernadette at the Rancho Del Rio Stables in Anaheim, California where she participates in various animal communication fairs and offers private readings upon request.

“You are such an inspiration to me and I think you have a beautiful soul. Spirit is working through you in amazing ways…I am looking forward to having you as a teacher”.  M. Jordan

“Thank you for such a wonderful inspirational class today. I was filled with so much emotion…I want to take this time to thank you for all your support, leading me in the right direction and most of all for allowing me to feel your loving and kind soul”.   L. Fitzgerald

“In my experience, it’s been pretty rare to come across people who are as considerate, empathic, and genuinely giving of their time, energy and love as you! Thanks for all you do”.    Jenny V.

“I had to tell you that I followed your instructions and they helped me so much. I feel much better especially at work….You are incredible. Thank you for all your help and guidance. You inspire me to be a better person”.    C. Smith

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